In the following videos we present our cable repair and cable fire protection services that we offer worldwide:

Videos about Fire Protection, Cable Repair, Cable Splice Repair and Cable Lifetime Extension.

Cable repair, life extension and fire protection for industrial plants.

As electrical cables are the nerve system of your operations, even the smallest fire or damage to cables can cause a serious loss of production. Fire Security coating systems eliminate the chance of an electrical fire.

We offer to extend the lifetime of installed cables and at the same time make the cables fire resistant. We have delivered cable repair and fire protection projects to steel and aluminium plants, paper mills, cement factories and power plants, which have different types of cables including high voltage cables. We also have the ideal solution to repair cable splices and build correct dry film thickness to achieve the highest fire rating on the market.

Cable Fire Protection in the Middle East.

Fire Security Middle East offers cable repair and fire protection to Oil & Gas companies and heavy industries throughout the entire GCC region.

We have offices in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Fire Security is the only regional turnkey applicator to maintain a fully stocked distribution centre. We are also the only cable-coating producer offering DNV-GL certified turnkey applications with a warranty of up to ten years.

As electrical cables are the nerve system of your operations, even the smallest fire or damage to cables can cause a serious loss of production. FS coating systems are maintenance-free one-time applications which eliminate the chance of an electrical fire.

Fire Protection of Electrical Cables.

Fire Security is a Norwegian company specializing in repair and protection of electrical cables from fire damage.

We produce two coating systems. FS1, which protects the cables from fire damage, and FS5 which repairs and protects cables that have been damaged by UV, ozone, oil, mud, chemicals, water, salt and mechanical stress. This gives the cables a fire resistant property under an oil fire.

We can repair cracks in the cables to prevent water or oil ingress. The coating will restore the cable value, add fire resistance and extend the lifetime of the cable.
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Cable Lifetime Extension.

The environment on an oil installation is very tough. Cables exposed to ozone, oil, mud, chemicals, water, salt and UV will degrade over time. Mechanical stress on cables and cable jackets is caused by vibration and vessel movement. These factors will reduce the lifetime of your cables.

Damaged cables may be a serious safety issue once their integrity is lost. Tests have shown that damaged cables no longer meet their specification in terms of fire performance. Rerouting or replacing cables will normally interrupt the operation and may involve extended shutdown periods. Fire Security has the solution to these problems. FS5 coating can double or triple the cable life.
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Fire Protection of Cables on Ships.

Fire Security has been a partner to the major cruise operators for many years and has upgraded the fire resistance of cables in high fire risk areas on a significant number of cruise vessels and passenger ferries. This includes both existing vessels and new building, as many of the cruise operators have started to specify this protection when ordering new vessels.

Fire Security is offering an onsite inspection. We will evaluate cable routings in high risk areas and make a written report that will include suggestions to what we can do, what you will gain and a price quote.

For the last 20 years we have protected on average 1 cruise ship per month.

Cable Coating Fire Demonstration by FS Middle East.

This video demonstrates how the FS cable coating reacts when exposed to a direct flame, compared to an uncoated cable.

When we apply the heat to the coated electrical cable, our FS1 coating system will start to expand, hereby protecting the inner cable from damage. The FS fireproof cable will not catch fire, it will not spread fire and it will not release toxic gases.

The uncoated cable catch fire within 30 seconds, the fire will spread and the cable begin to give off hydrochloric gas which kills human beings and damage equipment. As a result of the failure of the uncoated cable, you will have multiple areas of the plant or vessel down within a very short period of time.
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Cable splice repair and fire protection at steel plant in China.

This cable protection project took place in a underground cable tunnel where high voltage cables run in racks mounted on the wall. In recent years Shagang Steel have experienced 3 incidents where a fire started at the splices and damaged nearby cables, resulting in a partial shutdown of production.

Action was needed and Fire Security was contracted to do a test project to protect the splices and nearby cables. We spent 3 days cleaning the cables and the industrial cable coating process took another 2 days.

Shagang Steel expressed they were very happy with the application and Fire Security have been informed that a second project is already planned.

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Fireproofing of spliced HV cables with our fire resistant cable coating.

Kumho Petrochemical is a major chemical producer in Korea and are the worlds largest synthetic rubber producer and exporter for tyre production around the world.

Their HV main distribution cables are spliced since the longest cable stretches are almost 4 km long and they have been experiencing some problems with some of them. This has also lead to short circuits and a smaller fire. After a two year evaluation period where they considered different products and solutions, they decided to award Fire Security a first pilot project.

After cleaning the cables, we secured the cable splices with self-vulcanizing tape and sprayed all cables in the cable tray, 15 meter in length in 8 different locations.

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Fire Protective Intumescent Cable Coating In A Fire Test.

Fire Security does fire protection of electrical cables with either the intumescent FS 1 or the ablative FS 5 coating.

Our fire test shows how the expanding FS1 intumescent cable coating will protect the inner electrical cable from fire damage. The cable coating will expand up to 100 times its thickness and may even provide protection for underlaying unprotected cables. In a fire situation your FS coated cables will function during the fire and be usable afterwards.

The IEC 60331 standard fire resistant cable can only withstand 830° C in a fire situation, while FS coated cables can survive a hydrocarbon fire of 1100° C for up to 90 minutes – without any problem to the insulation or the electrical properties of the cable.

 Fire Demonstration –  Cable Coatings Comparison.

In this fire demonstration, performed by Shagang Steel in China, we illustrate that the outcome of a cable fire will depend upon the type of coating used for protection. The cables are tested at temperatures that exceed 900 degrees Celsius.

After a few minutes, the uncoated cable starts to melt while the coatings starts to expand on the other two cables. You may also notice that the FS coated cable in the middle, is expanding far more than the cable on the right, which has a coating from another manufacturer.
It is quite revealing that this coating has not protected the inner cable from fire damage. The FS coated cable however, is showing an impressive protection result. As expected, the uncoated cable is severely damaged.

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Our Lab for fire testing of coating for electrical cables.

Our new Test Lab at headquarter in Kristiansand, Norway. During the recent seminar for our international partners we performed a demonstration on how a fire test is conducted. We test cables with different specifications and from several manufacturers and there are many different standards we can test against, at temperatures up to 1100 degrees C.

Fire Security Fire test lab for coating of electrical cables

Cleaning electrical cables before fire coating.

Cleaning cables is necessary before we can apply our fire coating. Depending on the age, size  and condition of the cables we use high pressure water or manual  spray guns. We also use brushes and towels to get a clean surface and the best possible adhesion for the coating.

In this pilot project for Shagang Steel in China, our team spent 3 days cleaning cables that had collected dirt and dust since 1975.
The main focus with the project was to protect the cable splices hereby preventing future fire incidents and even shutdown of production.

We coated the cables twice with FS5 ablative coating, to build correct dry film thickness to achieve the highest fire rating on the market.

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