FS cable repair system fixes cable damages such as:

Cracks, UV damage, Oil, Mud, Water, or Mechanical Destruction on cables.

Fire Security can fix cable problems such as Cracks, UV Damage, Oil, Mud and Mechanical Damage.

We repair damaged cables to upgrade their fire technical properties and insulation qualities.

We offer cable repair and application with our FS5 cable coating to vital electrical cables running through high-risk areas, eliminating the need to change or reroute cables. Not only will our cable coating systems repair existing damage, but also prevent future damage to cable jackets. Our cable coating system is unique: it can repair damaged cables and offer fire protection in one operation. Failing to repair damaged cables can leave your ship, rig, or industrial plant severely impaired.

These photos illustrate how we do cable restoration when the outer sheath is damaged:

  • Cable Repair - 1 - Remove damaged outer sheath - Fire-Security

Fire Security uses the FS5 coating and the following process to repair damaged cables and make them fire-resistant:

  1. Remove the damaged outer sheath.
  2. Clean cables.
  3. Apply linerless rubber tape to all damaged cables.
  4. Apply a thick layer of coating, then a fiber mesh for additional
    mechanical strength.
  5. Let the coating dry and cure for 24 hours.
  6. Apply a second layer of FS5 coating.
  7. After another 24 hours rest, apply the last layer FS coating.
  8. Cable repair finished.

This is how we do cable restoration when the cable screen is damaged:

We can repair the outer damage on the cable as well as the cable screen.

1. Repair the exterior damage.

When damage has occurred to the outer sheath and the cable screen, the latter is repaired using a metal shielding tape.

By application of the FS5 ablative cable coating and a supporting fibre mesh, the insulation properties of the cable will be restored.

2. Restore the insulation.

Finally, we apply the FS5 cable coating and a supporting fiber mesh. The coating restores the insulation.

Our cable repair procedure and the application of the FS5 fire protective coating will fully restore the strength of the cable.

3. Fire protection.

The repaired cable is placed on the cable tray and sprayed with another layer of the FS5 coating that restores the strength of the cable and adds fire protection.

Industrial power cables repair and rejuvenation

Our FS5 system for cable repair and fire protection can save millions compared to replacing old cables, here from a project at a paper factory in Asia. 

Cable restoration by Fire Security has benefits like cost savings, damage prevention, and fire protection.

We conduct LV to HV cable repair and rejuvenation.

Fire Security industrial cable coating is designed to repair damaged or brittle LV to HV cables without shutdown or loss of production in the offshore and marine, oil and gas, power generation / distribution and heavy industry sectors. We pride ourselves on zero business interruption as we efficiently find a solution to repairing your industrial cables cracks and leaks.

After manually rebuilding the damaged sheaths and restoring insulation and mechanical integrity with our FS5 coating system, your industrial cable is repaired and protected against both fire and environmental stress. Your rejuvenated cables are ready to continue their operation with a warranty backed application.

Cable upgrade benefits:

  • Your cables comply with international qualification standards.

  • An upgrade eliminates the need for costly large-scale cable replacements.

  • An investment in cable upgrade is an investment in the security of your operation and prevention of unexpected future costs.

  • We do cable repair, cable life extension, and fire protection in a turnkey solution.

FS 5 coating system extends the life of your cables:

  • FS5 coating repairs cables that have suffered damage to the outer sheath.

  • FS5 coating makes cables resistant to water, oil, mud, and damaging chemicals.

  • FS5 coating makes cables resistant to UV radiation.

  • FS5 coating improves the insulation property of the cables.

Cable Repair – Customer Testimonials

National Gas Shipping Co - Logo
Life Extension and fireproofing of Cargo Electrical Cables on 8 ships for ADNATCO.

This letter has been issued to Fire Security Middle East, Ajman, UAE, in recognition for their technical contribution and outstanding works carried out to improve the condition of the electrical cabling protection for cargo system on-board ADNATCO NGSCO LNG fleet vessels.

FS5 repair and coating system was applied on live electrical cables, and intrusive repairs on expansion joints were carried out in the following areas:

Deck level main cable trays, manifold areas, compressor house.

Ahmed al Muhairi, LNF Fleet Manager, Abu Dhabi National Tanker Co. - ADNATCO
Cleaning, repairing and coating old cables, 1.000 meters of electrical cable trays.

About 1.000 cables, associated with controls, lighting, communications and other services, were contaminated throughout a number of locations outside the gas compression and power generation modules.

Fire Security was contracted to do the work and it was carried out with no disruption to production operations and without any electrical isolation.

The solution was far less expensive than changing out the cables and resulted in no production downtime.

Michele Beames, Communication Representative, Marathon Oil u.K. Ltd
Shell Logo
This is to confirm that the HV cables used in Quatar Shell Pearl GTL with outer sheath HDPE which had shown cracks, have been repaired by coating with FS5 in a very professional way, maintaining the specified quality and to a very high safety standard.

The cables affected where 33, 11 and 6.6kV around 100 circuits where coated wherever the cables are not underground.

The work was completed in December 2012 and we are satisfied with Fire Security coating system.

Henk F. J. Kommers, Electrical Engineering Manager, Quatar Shell GTL Limited

Fire Security can repair damaged cables like these: