Cable life extension through the use of fire protective cable coating.

Are your cables damaged by mechanical stress or environmental influence?

Cable lifetime extension is the cost effective solution to premature aging of electrical cables. Changing or rerouting the cables is a costly operation so why not choose Fire Security to execute the repair of damaged cables and protect them from fire, smoke, mud, UV, ozone and chemical damage for many years to come. Fire Security’s DNV-GL approved coating systems is utilized for repairs and environmental protection in high risk areas in both offshore and land based industries and lately on numerous LNG carriers and refineries.  See our brochure (PDF) or VIDEO for info.

The main benefits of Cable Coating from Fire Security:

1. Taking care of the cables ability to function.

FS cable coatings have a very high insulation value and dielectric strength. This ensures that the electric safety is upgraded and improved and that the working capabilities of the cables are maintained.

2. Upgrading the cables to meet today’s safety standards.

FS coated cables are upgraded to meet today’s stringent standards with regards to toxicity, smoke emission, smoke toxicity, flame spread and fire resistance.

3. Minimizing detrimental effects on the installation.

The application of the FS coating is done while the cables and your installation are operational.

4. Tripled cable life expectancy with FS5.

Based on experience we can estimate that FS5 coating can double or triple the cable life.

FS can repair and extend the lifetime of your electrical cables.

Cable life extension – customer testimonials:

Fire Security has delivered a successful turnkey project in repairing and technically upgrading damaged cables inside the generator room onboard our Jack Up rig KS Java Star.

This has greatly extended the lifetime of the cables and they are now functioning as they were before the incident.

Mahmood Al-Bayati, Rig Manager – KS Java Star, Pertamina Drilling Services
Repair of cable outer sheath cracking.
All the cables sprayed with the FS-1 and FS-5 application have been identified on the platform electrical cable schedules and cable tray drawings.

All the work was successfully carried out by Fire Security Personnel during the end of 1996 and the spring of 1977.

A M Green, Offshore Maintenance Co-ordinator, Philips Petroleum
At EMA Smelter Plant of Emirates Global Aluminum, Fire Security Middle East has safely and efficiently upgraded cables in multiple areas of the plant with their FS5 coating system as a turnkey delivery.

Fire Security Middle East protected live critical power and instrumentation cables, ensuring no interruption for normal operation of the plant and without accident and lost time.

Anwar Sadath, Senior Project Manager, Danway Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

VIDEO: Extend the operational life of your cables.

Cable Life extension provides:

  • Upgraded fire protection properties

  • Upgraded cables smoke class

  • Short circuit delay in a fire situation

  • Upgraded insulation properties

  • Increased dielectric strength

  • UV protection

  • Ozone protection

  • Mud protection

  • Oil protection

  • Chemical protection

FS5 is an ablative cable coating that will protect electrical cables from serious damage in a fire. The coating is applied to the cables with a spray gun.

After repair of the UV damaged cable (above) we apply the FS5 ablative cable coating to protect electrical cables from environmental damage and make the cables fireproof.